About Us


Sarah Zero
Brand Strategist
& Designer

Ten years ago, my very first branding client told me “you just made me realize that what I do is important.” That taught me something so very important about branding: the process itself empowers entrepreneurs to realize their worth. That confidence is the first step in enabling a business owner to charge what their services or products are worth so they can run a thriving business. That part is crazy rewarding.

My clients tell me I ask the right questions — the ones that get the good, eye-opening, brand-defining answers. It's my job to learn everything I can about your business, your style, and your dream clients before jumping in to help. That's what sets the scene for solid collaboration!


Sarah Kudlack
Process Strategist
& Stylist

I’m SK, lover of project management, logistical details, and remembering people’s names. My background is in special event and wedding planning, and I’ve found that those skills are surprisingly useful in helping business owners get their shit together. For example, I have an uncanny ability to simplify and prioritize to-do lists so they aren’t so overwhelming. My cool-under-pressure problem-solving skills can snap anyone out of analysis paralysis. And — last but definitely not least — I love a little sarcasm (and a glass of boxed wine) to remind everybody not to take all this business stuff too seriously.