Kate Strathmann of Elysian Fields

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Kate Strathmann of Elysian Fields is co-hosting the April 2018 edition of #WellstruckLadyBoss at Vault + Vine in Philadelphia. We're sharing a few Q&As with her so you can get to know this fellow boss!

Kate Strathmann, owner of Elysian Fields

Q: Tell us about your business!

A: At Elysian Fields, we help small business owners to align their values and vision with success in business. We offer bookkeeping services to support owners in having clear financial information in their businesses, and then provide coaching and consulting services to support owners in growth, scaling, and having the greatest impact possible in their work and communities. We have amazing clients, who are all passionate experts in their fields, but (because there are very few places to learn this stuff) don't usually have backgrounds in business.

Q: What accomplishment are you celebrating right now?

A: I'm going to take this moment to brag about my team. They're the one's acing projects and doing stellar work to serve our clients. Ultimately my job is to support them.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: Being able to help owners really transform their relationships with their business. In the past few months I've helped owners find profit in their business for the first time; take vacations and days off; and generally just feel better. There's so much terrible, old school, pretty toxic business advice out there... and I love changing playing a part in changing the conversation. We have more power than we think as business owners, and being able to help the overwhelmed and struggling level up so they can free up space for what they love to do and for what's meaningful for themselves is what keeps me energized and passionate about my work.

Q: What's one tip you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

A: If you do nothing else in your business, understand the profit structure. Who cares if you have built a big email list if you don't control your profitability? It's what allows you to care for yourself, for others, and to ultimately have a greater impact in your community.

View of Philadelphia form the Elysian Fields window

Q: What's your favorite app or resource of the moment?

A: The colleagues I mastermind with.

Q: What are you listening to lately?

A: NPR's Code Switch

Q: What are you crushing on?

A: Adrienne Maree Brown

Q: What inspirational words resonate with you recently?

A: Vocal Leadership, Soft Management

Q: Where can we find you online?

A: The Elysian Fields website and @elysianflds on Instagram.

Philadelphia skyscrapers

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