Lady Boss is a community of
ambitious entrepreneurs.

Each month, we host an intimate two-hour gathering of 12 women business owners in both Baltimore and Philadelphia. After introductions, every attendee gets a few minutes to ask about whatever she wants. During her time, she gets feedback & support from the whole group.

We have a mix of about half first-timers and half repeats at each event, and we make it a point to make everyone feel welcome — so don't be shy! In fact, it's the perfect setting for introverts since everyone gets a seat and it's loosely moderated. No having to awkwardly break into the circle!


Tickets are $10, first-come, first-serve and often sell out. Subscribe to get our monthly email, where we announce when tickets are live.


Meet the Lady Boss co-hosts! To keep our community growing, we invite other business owners to co-host each event with us.


FAQs about Lady Boss



Who can attend?

Tickets are first-come, first-serve for women business owners! We use an inclusive definition of ‘woman’ and ‘female’ and we welcome all of those with marginalized genders and identities. We welcome makers, writers, artists, women in tech, wellness industry, food, fashion, social good, lifestyle, agriculture, and more. Lady Boss is for women who have built their own products / services and want to share and learn from women who've done the same.


Who is it not for?

We have found that reps for multi-level marketing businesses are not an ideal fit for the Lady Boss community. This includes reps / stylists / advocates for brands such as LuLaRoe, Plexus, DoTerra, Stella & Dot, and others that use similar structures. The primary reason is that these brands provide ample support for their reps, and so we prefer to keep our limited seating open to business owners who don't have those kinds of resources.


How can I become a co-host?

We select co-hosts by invitation only, from the pool of women who have previously attended an event. We do our best to invite women from a variety of industries to keep things interesting. No matter how different our industries, every business faces many of the same core challenges — and variety means everyone gets to benefit from different ways of problem-solving.



When did Lady Boss begin?

In 2014. Over 200 different women have attended since we started!


Why did you start lady boss?

Quite simply, we love community. Ambitious women entrepreneurs need a space to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing common experiences. These events are energizing and inspiring for us — so it's a no-brainer to keep doing them. It's a space for all to give and get.


How else do you stay in touch?

Women who've attended an event in person are eligible to join our private Facebook group. Keeping it private means the community stays intimate and invested in each other.


Can I start Lady Boss in my area?

Let us know if you're interested! If there's enough interest, we may expand to other areas or find a way to provide the processes and nitty gritty details so you can start it in your own area! We've spent lots of time fine-tuning the way we maintain this community to make it successful and valuable to our members, so we kindly ask that you do not directly copy our method and copywriting without permission. Thank you!