What's it like?

We host our regular discussion-format events in private spaces within coffee shops, with 12 bosses around one large table. Everyone grabs a drink (coffee, wine, or cocktail!) introduces themselves, then we dive right into Q&As. Each boss gets a chance to ask a question and the group shares solutions, perspective, and support. Our vibe is casual and welcoming; smart with no BS.


Who can attend?

Tickets are first-come, first-serve for women business owners! If the business you own is a primary source of your income (or you're actively working toward that), you're welcome to join us. We occasionally have serious freelancers join us, too. We use an inclusive definition of ‘woman’ and ‘female’ and we welcome all of those with marginalized genders and identities. #WellstruckLadyBoss is for women who have built their own products and/or services and want to share and learn from women who've done the same.


If it's open to all, how is it curated?

In addition to welcoming all women business owners to attend, we invest a solid amount of time seeking out a strong group of women leaders to co-host. We're intentional about reaching out to them, inviting them to attend, and inviting them to co-host. We find that investing this time is critical in guiding the energy and usefulness of the community for all. That's what keeps everyone coming back for more.


How much does it cost?

Tix are $20.


Who is it not for?

Unfortunately #WellstruckLadyBoss really isn't reps of multi-level marketing businesses. This includes reps / stylists / advocates for brands such as LuLaRoe, Plexus, DoTerra, Stella & Dot, and others that use similar structures. The primary reason is that these brands provide ample support for their reps, and so we prefer to keep our limited seating open to business owners who don't have those kinds of resources.


How can I become a co-host?

We select co-hosts by invitation only, from the pool of women who have previously attended as a guest. We do our best to invite women from a variety of industries to keep things interesting.

Is it like a workshop?

Nope! Though we have themes, it's still a roundtable format. The co-hosts are active participants alongside the rest of the guest attendees — even if they happen to be an expert in the designated theme (bonus!).


When did #WellstruckLadyBoss begin?

In 2014. Over 300 different women from the Mid-Atlantic have attended since we started.


Where does it take place?

Vault + Vine in Philadelphia and Artifact Coffee in Baltimore graciously allow us to use their beautiful and cozy spaces. We're beyond thankful for the way they support our community!


How many people are at each event?

We cap it at 12 people for our regular discussion format. Occasionally we do larger-scale events as well (we're thinking about doing these larger-scale events in a speed-dating format!).


Why did you start #Wellstruckladyboss?

Quite simply, we love community. Ambitious women entrepreneurs need a space to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing common experiences. These events are energizing and inspiring for us — so it's a no-brainer to keep doing them. It's a space for all to give and get.


How else do you stay in touch?

Women who've attended an event in person are eligible to join our private Facebook group. Keeping it private means the community stays intimate and digestible.


Will you host a #WellstruckLadyBoss in my area?

We're looking into the possibility of occasional #WellstruckLadyBoss events in other cities! Let us know if you're interested. Email Sarah at szero@wellstruck.com.


Annual Happy Hour

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