for women business owners in the mid-atlantic

Wellstruck Lady Boss

We host an ongoing series of intimate roundtable discussions for women entrepreneurs called #WellstruckLadyBoss. It's all about building face-to-face relationships in a casual space.


How it Works

We team up with a different female entrepreneur to co-host each monthly event and they collaborate with us to pick a theme.

Events take place at Vault + Vine in Philadelphia and Artifact Coffee in Baltimore. We typically have half first-time attendees; half repeats.

After guests arrive and get settled in, we kick things off with introductions, then we dive into an hour-long discussion.

We loosely moderate so each boss gets to ask the group a question, and the group discusses each Q for about five minutes. When it's your turn, the whole group focuses on helping you.

We launch tix via monthly email.


Upcoming Events





What's it like?

Our vibe is casual and welcoming.

A few days before each event, we send the guest list to all attendees with links to each others' businesses and social media so you can get to know who'll be attending.

When you arrive, you can purchase a drink and/or snack, then find your way to the private room. Settle in at any open seat and we'll kick off introductions.

Next, we loosely moderate a Q&A discussion were each boss gets a chance to ask the group a question. We set a five minute timer, and during that time, anyone can chime in to share wisdom, feedback, encouragement, and perspective. When the timer goes off, we move on to the next question.

We wind down with unmoderated mingling.

After the event, we'll send you an invitation to join the private Facebook group.

Who can attend?

Tickets are first-come, first-serve for women business owners and freelancers. Check out the theme for the month to see if it's relevant to you.

We use an inclusive definition of woman and female and we welcome all womyn.

Hobbyists and reps for multi-level-marketing companies (e.g. doTERRA, LuLaRoe, Thirty-One) are not an ideal fit.

Is it a workshop?

Nope! The co-hosts are active participants alongside the rest of the attendees. Discussion questions are to be answered by anyone in the group who has wisdom, feedback, encouragement, or perspective to share.

How many people are at each event?

We cap it at 12 people for our regular roundtable discussion format. Occasionally we do larger-scale happy hour events with no moderated discussion — but it'll be the standard format unless noted otherwise.

How much does it cost?

Tix are $22 + a minimum purchase of one drink, snack, or treasure from the venue the day of the event. We like to justify the price by comparing it to the cost of 11 coffee dates (since you'll be getting to know 11 other entrepreneurs at once!).

How long is it?

About two hours, which an includes a half hour of introductions, an hour of moderated discussion, and a half hour of unmoderated mingling at the end (once everyone knows each other better!).

Where does it take place?

Vault + Vine in Philadelphia and Artifact Coffee in Baltimore graciously allow us to use their beautiful and cozy spaces. We're beyond thankful for the way they support our community!

Will you host in my suburb?

Wellstruck Lady Boss is our passion project. With that in mind, we strive to strike the balance between keeping it appealing for our audience, yet efficient for us.

With that in mind, we're sticking with events in Philly and Baltimore because it's easier to fill up seats. Though we know there are amazing entrepreneurs based in smaller cities and suburbs (like us!), there are a higher concentration of entrepreneurs in the city. We hope you'll find the value in joining us to make the trek into the city occasionally!

One convenience for suburbanites willing to drive in: both venues are jusssst outside Baltimore/Philly proper so they have free and convenient parking. It's a nice little compromise to unite city dwellers and suburban folks.

Will you host in a different city?

As much as we've been tempted to expand, we're keeping our mission at heart: build the face-to-face community in our region (the Mid-Atlantic). After all, our business is really a branding business — so we need to reserve enough time for our branding clients!

When did it begin?

In 2014. As of January 2018, we've hosted 40 events for more than 400 women entrepreneurs from throughout the Mid-Atlantic.


Annual Happy Hour


Once a year or so we also host a larger-scale happy hour to celebrate and reconnect with the women who've attended throughout the year.


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