Mica of Mica Saunders & Moxie Movez

We asked Mica Saunders a few questions about her life as the owner of Mica Saunders & Moxie Moves, a body chemist in Baltimore. She teaches quick and fun workouts so easy your Grandmother can do it. Get to know her below!

Body Chemist Mica Saunders and her grandmother, doing workouts so easy your grandma can do them. | Wellstruck Lady Boss

Tell us about your business!

Mica: I’m body chemist. Monday – Friday I travel to different assisted living and senior centers to do fitness and brain games with the elderly. The name of my program is Moxie Movez. I help the elderly get their mojo back.

When I’m not working with the elderly I’m in the lab whipping up my grip Pole Poised. Pole Poised is an all natural grip aids and products for athletes and pole dancers.

What accomplishment are you celebrating right now?

Mica: Currently I’m working on a low-impact exercise program for caregivers to be able to do workouts at home with their family members. So many people have family members that suffer with Alzheimer's and dementia that need help coping with this disease. I have developed exercises and brain games that will help.

What keeps you motivated?

Mica: The biggest reward is seeing the smile on clients’ faces after they finish working out. I love knowing that I have impacted their life by teaching them a workout that will help improve their cardiovascular system, dementia, and Alzheimer's. Helping to ease the day of the caregivers, giving them a hour break from their daily task.

What's one tip you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

Mica: Plant seeds everywhere you go and watch them grow.

Body Chemist Mica Saunders, teaching workouts so easy your grandma can do them. | Wellstruck Lady Boss

What's your favorite app or resource of the moment?

Mica: Pinterest, Trello, Survey Monkey.

What are you listening to lately?

Mica: Chloe X Halle.

What are you crushing on?

Mica: Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, and Kofi Siriboe

What inspirational words resonate with you recently?

Mica: “My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.”

Where can we find you online?

Mica: MicaSaunders.com and @MicaSaunders on Instagram.

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