Peicha Chang of Vault + Vine

We asked Peicha Chang a few questions about her life as the owner of Vault + Vine, a floral studio, thoughtfully curated shop, and café in Philly. Get to know her below!

Wellstruck Lady Boss | Peicha Chang of Vault + Vine (Photo by Cheyenne Gil)
Wellstruck Lady Boss | The greenhouse café at Vault + Vine

Tell us about your business!

Peicha: I started Falls Flowers just over eight years ago with the goal to create a community-based and community-oriented business centered around providing beauty for the neighborhood. We've moved three times, with the latest being our big move to our currentl location on Midvale Ave, and rebrand to Vault + Vine. In our newest incarnation, we provide East Falls with a place to gather over coffee + tea, and showcase some of the amazing local artisans alongside plants and flowers.

What accomplishment are you celebrating right now?

Peicha: It's still a major work in progress, but I'm pretty proud of how far Falls Flowers has come, and what it's new life as Vault + Vine represents to me, my staff, and the community. The first 3–4 months of the transition were unbelievably difficult — it felt as though there were more downs than ups, and like I was losing control of the company. But, as much as I fought against everything happening internally, I knew that I had to keep showing up and pushing through it. With constant effort, things finally turned around just in time for the holiday season. I'm incredibly grateful to my staff, friends, and family who stuck it out and supported me through it all.

What keeps you motivated?

Peicha: Great question. Destiny? I really don't know. What I do know is that since I can remember, I've always known that I was meant to one day work for myself. Some days if seems like I do what I do because it's the only way I know how to be. I'm always seeking new learning experiences, which is something I'll never run out of owning a business like this. Growth excites and fascinates me to no end.

What's one tip you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

Peicha: Let go. Sometimes the more you try to control things, the more that control seems to slip out of your hands. It's crucial to give yourself time away from the day-to-day of the business to give it space to grow AND give yourself time to think about your company's future. I spent so much time focusing on the little things that I got completely buried to the point where I couldn't see the big picture any more. Letting go is one of the hardest lessons to learn as a business owner, and one that you'll continually face as the business grows and changes. It's also the most important lesson to master if you want your business to grow.

Wellstruck Lady Boss | A floral arrangement at Vault + Vine
Wellstruck Lady Boss | The team at Vault + Vine

What's your favorite app or resource of the moment?

Peicha: My amazing bookkeeper, Chris! She's essential to the business.

What are you listening to lately?

Peicha: Heather Maloney, "No Shortcuts."

What are you crushing on?

Peicha: (Nerd Alert) This amazing book my friend, Brian, gave me for Christmas — "No Man's Land" by Doug Tatum.

What inspirational words resonate with you recently?

Peicha: Just do the work, the rest will follow.

Where can we find you online?

Peicha: and @VaultAndVine.Co on Instagram.

Wellstruck Lady Boss | Succulents at Vault + Vine
Wellstruck Lady Boss | Coffee at Vault + Vine

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