Devin McNutt of Saffron Creations | Branding for Jewelry Designer

“I've been working on my website, and I realized that while I have experience copywriting for products, it was proving to be very difficult for me to come up with the words needed to attract the type of audience I want for my service-based business.

Sarah, the founder of Wellstruck, tells you what to expect upfront, is super detailed, and easy to work with. I trusted her from the start, and I had confidence that she also vetted and trusted that the copywriter, Lesley, would be a top notch person for the job (and she was!).

My favorite part of the process was the 90-minute video call. They asked the most thoughtful questions to try to get a deep understanding of my business so that you could provide me with a final product that worked perfectly for me. Those questions gave me SO MUCH CLARITY on the type of business I want to run and to portray to the world.

I 100% recommend this package to other small business owners like me who are just getting started and need to polish to their brand messaging.”

Megan Stanczak, Stanczak Retail Consulting