Meet women entrepreneurs

Wellstruck Lady Boss

Join me in Philly for an intimate roundtable discussion with fellow entrepreneurs. Build genuine, face-to-face relationships through loosely moderated Q&A conversation in a casual setting.


Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events

at Vault + Vine in Philadelphia

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Not your typical networking event

Frequently Asked Questions


+ What's it like?

Our vibe is casual and welcoming.

A few days before each event, we email the guest list to all attendees so you can get a head-start on connecting with them on social media if you wish.

When you arrive, you can purchase a drink (or a plant or a snack or a trinket!), then find your way to the private space upstairs. Settle in at your seat and we'll kick off introductions.

Next, we loosely moderate a Q&A discussion were each boss gets a chance to ask the group a question. We set a five minute timer, and during that time, anyone can chime in to share wisdom, feedback, encouragement, and perspective. When the timer goes off, we move on to the next question.

We wind down with mingling.

After the event, we'll send you an invitation to join the private Facebook group exclusively for those who've attended.

+ Who can attend?

Tickets are first-come, first-serve for all business owners and freelancers. We take pride in building an inclusive environment.

Please do check out the theme of the month (written on the event page on our website) to see if it's relevant to you before purchasing tickets.

Hobbyists and reps for multi-level-marketing companies (e.g. doTERRA, LuLaRoe, Thirty-One) are not an ideal fit.

+ How much does it cost?

Tix are $30 per event. We like to think of the price as being less than the cost of 11 coffee dates (since you'll be getting to know 11 other entrepreneurs at once!).

+ Is it a workshop?

Nope! The co-hosts are active participants alongside the rest of the attendees. Discussion questions are to be answered by anyone in the group who has wisdom, feedback, encouragement, or perspective to share.

+ How many people are at each event?

We cap it at 12 people for our regular roundtable discussion format. Occasionally we do larger-scale happy hour events with no moderated discussion — but it'll be the standard format unless noted otherwise.

+ How long is it?

About two hours, which includes a half-hour of introductions, an hour of moderated discussion, and a half-hour of mingling at the end (once everyone knows each other better!).

+ Where can I get images to share?

On our Wellstruck Lady Boss swipe files page!

+ When did Wellstruck Lady Boss begin?

We created it in 2014, before we were even known as Wellstruck! As of January 2019, we've hosted more than 500 women entrepreneurs from throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

+ Can I be a co-host?

Wellstruck invites co-hosts from the pool of women who've previously attended a roundtable event so they have an idea of what to expect (which makes it easier for them to help promote it!). We take care in seeking out a diverse group of co-hosts who are equally good at listening and sharing. Perhaps most importantly, we look for co-hosts who help us create a warm and welcoming environment for all entrepreneurs.

+ Where does it take place?

Vault + Vine in East Falls, Philadelphia! It's an urban jungle treasure and we're beyond thankful for the way they support our community of entrepreneurs. Almost everything in their shop is local, from the coffee to the jewelry.

+ Will you host in a different city?

Not for now. Wellstruck Lady Boss is all about building a face-to-face community, so I take care in nurturing my own local community rather than dropping in for one-off events in other places. I am considering offering some kind of master-class on how to build your own community in your area. Let me know if this interests you.

+ Will you host in my suburb?

Unfortunately, no. We tried it in the beginning, and it's tougher to fill seats since suburbs are less concentrated.

One convenience for suburbanites willing to drive into the city: the venue is jusssst outside Philly proper so it has free and convenient parking. It's a nice little compromise to unite city dwellers and suburban folks.


We're bummed to say that we're hitting pause on events in Baltimore. Fortunately there are lots of awesome events in Baltimore! Check out The Society of Excellent Women; Cake & Whiskey; events at Artifact Coffee; events at A Workshop of Our Own; and events by The Bmore Creatives. Tell 'em we sent you!