AN Online Course for squarespace users

The simple guide to laying the groundwork for strong SEO on your Squarespace site.

I’ve distilled endless information from experts into this step-by-step guide to organic SEO — making it easier for your dream customers to find you without paid advertising. You’ll learn to use Squarespace’s built-in tools, and I’ll walk you through exactly how to do it.

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There are no quick fixes for SEO, but there are things you can do quickly that will make a big impact over time. That’s what I’ll teach you in this online course.

SEO for Squarespace

Why SEO is important

SEO is the key to increasing the right traffic to your site and letting your dream customers know you’re an expert.

This course is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Have spent hours googling SEO only to end up overwhelmed and confused

  • Invested time or money in SEO but have no idea if it’s working

  • Are skeptical of people who promise to “skyrocket you to #1 on Google”

  • Don’t feel comfortable paying SEO consultants who overwhelm you with jargon and closely guard their secret methods

  • Have spent time and/or money on your website but haven’t marketed it

This course includes:

  1. SEO Crash Course. An easy-to-understand explanation of how search engines determine how to rank your site in the search results. In other words — this is the fundamentals of SEO for people who don't have time or interest in becoming tech experts.

  2. Google. A walk-through of setting up the Google services you should be taking advantage of so that you get found more easily by searchers.

  3. Keywords. How to find your keywords — the ones your customers are actually searching for (including recommendations for a couple of free tools you can use).

  4. Website Implementation. How and where to use keywords on your Squarespace site (using simple Squarespace features — no coding knowledge necessary!).

  5. Social Media. How to strategically use your keywords on the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube).

  6. Metrics. A simple, straight-forward plan for tracking your success quarterly.

  7. Future To-Dos. Practical ideas for new content that will boost site visitors, PLUS actionable to-dos to increase your number of quality backlinks (links to your website).




The Teacher

Sarah Zero


You’ve put a lot of time into your site — let’s make sure people can find it!

Hey, I’m Sarah Zero and I’m the founder of Wellstruck, a branding studio that specializes in brand therapy, design, and websites for businesses owned by good people. I have a degree in Visual Communications and over 15 years experience in branding, websites, marketing, and social media — including two years of teaching at the college level.

I also created Wellstruck Lady Boss, a series of intimate roundtable events for entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. Each event has space for just 12 women, and over 500 women have attended since it began. I’ve learned a few things about what entrepreneurs need — and what they don’t have time to deal with!

Have questions about the course? Shoot me an email at

SEO is not as difficult as many people make it sound. I made this course to demystify and simplify it for entrepreneurs.