Starter Brands

You'll get a cohesive visual brand foundation within just a few weeks — giving you the boost in focus, momentum, and professionalism you crave.




What You Get

This method includes a thoughtful brand questionnaire and a 30-minute video call to review, plus:



Primary Color

Font Guide

Business Card Design

Brand Board


...and our top secret list of preferred brand swag vendors. You'll also unlock access to Wellstruck for all of your future branding and graphic design needs.


The Process

How it Works


We’ll send you a questionnaire where we ask questions about your business, audience, goals, and vision. Then we'll kick off the three-week process.

Brand-Designer-Wellstruck-Artboard 1.png

Week One

We hop on a video call with you to walk through your questionnaire answers. You get a chance to ask us any questions you might have and we get to learn more about your business. By the end of the call, you’ll feel more confident that we really understand you and your business.

Brand-Designer-Wellstruck-Artboard 2.png

Week Two

Next, we curate font options for your logotype that are both timeless and expressive. We present two different options that speak to your brand vibe, then you get to pick your favorite (we're also happy to recommend the one we think is best for you). We then typeset your logotype.

Brand-Designer-Wellstruck-Artboard 3.png

Week Three

We present your brand board in two different color options. The brand board includes your logotype, font guide, and business card design. You pick your preferred color, we save the vector logo files; print-ready business card PDF; and a printable brand board — and send them to you in one tidy zipped file. Bonus: we'll also send you a link to our top secret list of preferred brand swag vendors!

After we deliver your Brand Visuals, you get access to Wellstruck for all of your future design needs. You can think of us as your Creative Director — part of your team, keeping your brand cohesive as you grow. You can come to us for a website and one-off design projects.


Frequently Asked Questions



Yes! We invoice you for a 50% deposit up-front and 50% upon project completion — so the $1,500 total is broken into two payments of $750.


Our preferred method of payment is free ACH bank transfer (AKA online check), which we offer via our QuickBooks account. We also accept credit cards — just ask and we'll set up that option through your invoice.


Before you book, you'll need to know your business name and you'll need to have a pretty clear idea of what your business does (or will do). If you want help with either of these, we recommend starting with a Clarity Call instead.

+ What is a logotype?

A logotype (or "wordmark" or "typographic logo") is a logo that is strictly designed with type; there is no illustrative mark or symbol. Many well-known brands primarily use logotypes, including Tiffany & Co., Coca-Cola, and Google.

Our Starter Brand includes a logotype (but no logomark), which is one of the ways we're able to offer it at a much lower price point than the Premium Brand. Logomarks, monograms, etc. can always be added to a Starter Brand down the road.

+ What is a brand board?

It's a super useful 1-page PDF with all of your visual brand assets in one place. I recommend printing it and posting it in your workspace. You can see two examples of Wellstruck Starter Brand Boards here and here.

+ What is typesetting?

Typesetting is the composition of typography, including things like spacing, capitalization, and line breaks. It's the professional touch that elevates a logotype from looking DIY to feeling balanced, polished, and professional.

+ How does this differ from more expensive brand packages?

We created this method specifically for new and young businesses because we think it's financially best for them to prove their business model and staying power before investing in a Premium Brand. We also believe young businesses don't yet have all of the data history needed to fully flesh out a multi-layered, in-depth Premium Brand. With that in mind, a Starter Brand is an affordable way for new businesses to have a professional-looking foundation at a reasonable price point, and it's carefully designed so it's easy to build upon in the future.

Primary differences:

• Logotype only; no logomark

• One primary color instead of a whole color palette


Three weeks from your start date.


As soon as you let us know you're ready to book, we'll send you a contract and an invoice. Once we receive your signed contract and 50% deposit, we'll send you your questionnaire and schedule your start date. We do our best to schedule start dates within one month (which leaves you a couple of weeks to work on that questionnaire).


Get Started

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If you need a professional, cohesive design foundation to give you the confidence to pounce on your dream — this package was made for you. It's a visual brand you can use (and afford!) right away, and it's designed to be an investment that can be built upon in the future.

If you've made it this far — go ahead and book a free 20-minute call!

Devin McNutt of Saffron Creations | Branding for Jewelry Designer

As someone who is already busy with running a business, I liked how Wellstruck broke the process down into small steps that made everything seem less overwhelming and more feasible. I loved how they interpreted my brand so well and made really spot-on suggestions.

Devin McNutt, Saffron Creations
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