Use FAQs to boost your SEO

How to boost your SEO

You may have heard that one great way to boost your SEO is by blogging. Blogging is a way to update your site frequently, add value to your website, and keep people on your website for longer (because they're reading your content!).

The key, though, is to make sure that your blog posts are actually interesting and relevant to your target audience — because once you get them to your site, you want them to stay and click around for a bit. So how do you know what your potential clients want to know about? Look at your FAQs for guidance.

Share the answers to your FAQs.

  1. Gather a list of FAQs. Think about what people ask you when you're networking. Then go through your email and look at what people ask you. Lastly, ask your clients and/or potential clients what questions they have about your industry and/or what it is you do and how it works.
  2. Answer them. Begin answering them. Do it all at once or pace yourself and do one per day or one per week. You might like to talk it out while you record yourself. Or do a free-write. Or talk out loud to a friend while they bullet-point some notes. It helps to pretend like you're talking to the specific person who actually asked the question.
  3. Share them. Refine your answers and then turn each Q&A into a blog post. Or create an FAQ page on your website. Or use the content as captions on your social media. Or turn it into an e-mail marketing campaign. Share them anywhere and everywhere.

Posting your FAQs will also serve as an invaluable resource for you to quickly and easily share with people when they ask you the same questions in the future. Additionally, sharing these answers reduces the barrier for people interested in hiring you or buying your product. They'll love you for it — and hey, you'll probably benefit from the clarity it'll bring you, too!

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