Cara Paige of Cover Paige Creative

Wellstruck Lady Boss // Cara Paige of Cover Paige Creative

This interview is part of the Lady Boss Co-Host Series

Cara Paige of Cover Paige Creative is co-hosting the April 2017 edition of Lady Boss at Artifact Coffee in Baltimore. [Sold Out]


Let's get to know her

Q: What's your current guilty pleasure?

A: Binging old season of GIRLS and butter coffee.

Q: What are you listening to lately?

A: Audible — Town Inc. and The Best YES!

Q: What's your favorite app or resource of the moment?

A: Planoly and QuickBooks Self-Employed — both are lifesavers.

Q: Who are you crushing on?

A: Other female entrepreneurs who are doin their thing.

Q: Current mantra (or phrase, or Affirmation...)?

A: Plan less...go and DO.

Wellstruck Lady Boss // Cara Paige of Cover Paige Creative


What makes her a boss

Q: Tell us about your business.

A: Cover Paige Creative is a Creative Agency based in Baltimore. We teach brands how to 'tell your story.' We do this in four distinct ways. Through the power of Interior Design, Event Production, Styling/Staging and Experiential Marketing.

We design stunning spaces — whether on the digital and social media landscape or physical atmosphere with the number one mission to help you tell the story of your brand and connect with your target customer.

Q: What accomplishment are you celebrating right now?

A: We recently showed off our Experiential Marketing and Event Production expertise — designing, staging, and creating killer experiences at The Liberated Heart Project's Vision + Strategy Brunch. It was an amazing event filled with empowered women of purpose looking to gain greater direction, clarity, and sisterhood as they journey through life and business. What an honor for Cover Paige Creative to provide the backdrop and design for a space filled with such amazing individuals.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: I know that a good design, an event, or an experience not only tells the story of who someone is or their brand, it also defines and differentiates you. Being in an atmosphere that reflects you and immerses you into an experience elevates and emotionally connects you to the space and your surroundings. It's part of the magic of design... and I love being a part of that and providing that connection for my clients.

Q: What's one tip you want to share with other entrepreneurs?

A: Keep trying and moving forward. Some days it'll be huge leaps and other days baby steps. But keep moving forward!

Q: Why should others join us for Lady Boss?

A: It was a great intimate experience. Where you have time and space to truly connect with the other ladies in the room to share, engage and learn. The camaraderie and spirit of sisterhood was amazing.

Wellstruck Lady Boss // Cara Paige of Cover Paige Creative

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